Bull Run Barrel Strength Straight Bourbon Whiskey 750ml

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Barrel Strength grew out of a conversation on the merits of high proof, cask strength whiskey and the freedom to temper one's whiskey one's self with water or ice...or not at all. Soon after this Big Brother to our Straight Bourbon was in the works. Pulled from select barrels, dumped and bottled without any further dilution, Barrel Strength magnifies the already pronounced barrel flavors inherent in Bourbon.

  • Appearance: a deep amber hue
  • Aroma: mildly sweet and smoky with a hint of butterscotch
  • Initial Palate: warm with heavy vanilla flavors
  • Mid Palate: spicy, smoky, sweet and very warm
  • Finish: smooth, warm and clean with a touch of honey
Small batch, high rye bourbon, more than 25% rye, more than 65% corn, less than 10% barley and barrel aged for minimum of 4 years.

115 Proof

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