Las Jaras Slipper Sippers Nouveau North Coast Red Wine 2022

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A Nouveau is born! Nouveau is the name given to the first wine of the vintage. The style originated out of Beaujolais, just south of Burgundy where they make wines from Gamay Noir using the technique carbonic maceration. In carbonic maceration, open top tanks that have been inertized with carbon dioxide are filled with whole cluster grapes and then sealed for a number of days. Pioneering wine chemist and natural winemaker Jules Chauvet employed the technique in the mid 20st century to make light, fruity and delicious wines.

Wine Tasting Notes
The wine is mega delicious. It has a nose full of blackberry, plum and cocoa. There are gobs of black plum, chocolate covered cherry, and boysenberry. The palate is juicy and zippy with really balanced acidity. On the finish is cocoa powder-like tannin that keeps the wine fresh as you sip.

Valdiguie 48%, Petite Sirah 41%, Zinfandel 8%, Sangiovese 3%

Alcohol 12.62%
United States

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