Maraska Cherry Wine Kosher (Croatia)

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Maraska Kosher Cherry Wine is a delightful, sweet fruit wine made from the world famous Marasca cherries. These special Marasca cherries that are only grown in Croatia, maintain their unique taste and aroma all through fermentation. This wine is very pleasant at any time served chilled or at room temperature. Kosher Cherry Wine is made under strict kosher guidelines that allows this wine to be "Kosher For Passover".

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    Maraska Cherry Wine

    Posted by Rosita on 20th Jul 2020

    If you do not like sweet wines this is not for you. I absolutely adore sweet wines and this Maraska Cherry wine (Kosher) is supreme. It is not too sweet or thick and goes down smoothly without any bitter after-taste as in dry wines.I love that it is Kosher as well. It is good at room temperature or chilled. I prefer chilled. Finally, someone made a cherry wine without the bitter after-taste. It is heart warming and delightful.

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    waaay to sweet for me...

    Posted by Skywater on 4th Oct 2017

    Maybe for desert...Even at a higher than average alcohol percentage, really didn't knock my stocking off, been window shopping this wine for years & then for a special occasion finally pulled the trigger on it today...Mech...Not quite cough syrup, but if I do get sick gonna definitely keep this in mind as a base for ginger & the like...If I can burn off the sugar before bed I'll bet I'll sleep tike a baby!

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