Scapegrace Small Batch New Zealand Dry Gin 750ml

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This remarkable gin upholds 12 botanicals, with lemon and predominantly orange peel shining through. Smooth and ridiculously crisp on the palate. Classic citrus. Super smooth.
  • The Nose: Classic juniper, subtle floral hints of lavender & orange blossom. Deeper earthy tones of cinnamon bark & nutmeg arrive next, but be prepared for a fresh burst of multiple citrus to linger longer.
  • The Palate: Big, fresh nose. A place where juniper, orange peel, and deep spice dominate. Citrus and juniper enjoy prominence but smooth and crisp on the palate. Long, and flavor filled finish.
  • The Finish: Warming with continued juniper. Surprisingly long finish, coming back with waves of orange & mixed floral notes. Classically citrus. Super smooth.
  • 84.4 Proof

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